The Working World

The Working World Painting Thumbnail

"The Working World" ~ Watercolour on paper. For today's artwork post I've chosen a watercolour painting from long, long ago. As a matter of fact, most of my paintings are from long, long ago. Moving out of my parent's house into smaller quarters and then working long hours in the film industry … [Read more...]

The Satyr And The Cat

Painting of a Satyr walking his cat on a leash

"Lost on the walk" ~ Ink and watercolour on paper. It seems a Satyr has gotten lost while taking his cat for a walk and has stopped to consult with the cat about directions. This is the third image I produced in anticipation of having our first child and it did indeed find a space on the wall … [Read more...]

First Day On The Job

Business Monster Painting

"First Day on the Job" ~ Ink and watercolour on paper. This image is the second of three that I created in anticipation of the birth of our first child. It obviously depicts a business monster extending his hand in greeting. It's his first day and he wants to make a good … [Read more...]

Cats For Kids

Water colour picture of sinister cats

"Viva la revoluciĆ³n!" ~ Ink and watercolour on paper. Before my first child was born I thought "I'd better paint something for the nursery!" This picture of our cats is one of three images that I came up with. Sweet dreams baby. … [Read more...]

You Get What You Pay For

An obvious issue when explaining how much a website will cost is that most people aren't familiar with the process. Many people don't realize there are different ways to build websites and significant differences between solutions depending on a site's features. I often get asked simply, "How … [Read more...]