The Persistence of Television

The Persistence of Television Thumbnail

"The Persistence of Television" ~ Watercolour on paper. The title of this work is obviously a nod to Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory" with it's famous melting clocks. Nothing melting here, except perhaps the asphalt under the runner's feet. This painting is another one that was … [Read more...]

The Working World

The Working World Painting Thumbnail

"The Working World" ~ Watercolour on paper. For today's artwork post I've chosen a watercolour painting from long, long ago. As a matter of fact, most of my paintings are from long, long ago. Moving out of my parent's house into smaller quarters and then working long hours in the film industry … [Read more...]

The Satyr And The Cat

Painting of a Satyr walking his cat on a leash

"Lost on the walk" ~ Ink and watercolour on paper. It seems a Satyr has gotten lost while taking his cat for a walk and has stopped to consult with the cat about directions. This is the third image I produced in anticipation of having our first child and it did indeed find a space on the wall … [Read more...]